Zuliana Zulkiflee Abbas

Although at first you may find their pricing to be on the higher end compared to other IDs, you later realise that it is reasonable for the quality of service and materials you are getting.

When my husband and I were planning to move into our new home, I immediately knew that I wanted to have my kitchen designed by Meridian. There was no doubt about that as their portfolio is amazing. Further reinforced by a friend’s recommendation, we did not hesitate to get in touch with Nur Diyana to set an appointment. It was hassle-free and convenient.

The main challenges I’ve faced with other contractors is their lack of knowledge on modern kitchen designs and lack of attention to detail. With other contractors I had to closely monitor their work to ensure it was done according to my requirements. However, with Meridian I was able to be a bit more hands-off, because you can definitely trust them to deliver great work. Their workmanship is very neat and it makes all the difference!

When I approached Nur Diyana, I had a clear vision of what I wanted my new kitchen to look like. With her knowledge and expertise, she helped us with selecting the best layout, materials and appliances to give us our dream kitchen. She truly managed to translate my vision into a detailed design and perfectly executed it. She was understanding to our needs and budget, highly responsive and very accountable. I am very satisfied with the outcome – our kitchen looks great!

I would recommend Meridian to my family and friends because their service and designs are way ahead of their competitors. A personal touch and people’s skill truly makes a difference.

Meridian is Professional.