Sofia Izani

Meridian’s retail pricing is considered above average in relative to other IDs. However, I am always a believer that good things don’t come cheap. But in my case, I am considered very lucky to nail the 50% promo sale price back in Aug 2016 which was definitely value for my money. Worth every ringgit and cents!

I chose Meridian as my kitchen ID simply for the confidence and trust I have in their product, workmanship and service extended to their previous clients over the years of their establishment in the kitchenette market. Meridian was able to translate my idea of an ideal dream kitchen through their modern sleek design teamed with its wide range of storage management products which strikes a balance between functionality and practicality.

Prior to choosing Meridian, I was already engaged with another renowned kitchen ID based in TTDI. Meetings after meetings, I wasn’t fully convinced in terms of the kitchen’s layout, designs, material used and practicality of it. I had to get the ID to rework on the design multiple times and made him explain few times on his reasoning’s for choosing certain designs and items for my kitchen.

However, my one time meeting with Diyana-Meridian’s ID was a spot on! I just gave Diyana a simple overview of what I need and she was able to portray it in her sketches almost instantaneously! Diyana seems to know how to match what I need with what Signature Kitchen can offer with minimal supervision throughout pre and post installation process and to me that is what I call a professional service! Diyana is able to work independently when dealing with my contractor and other kitchen suppliers, Not only that, she was able to negotiate well with the contractor when we had issues with some defects during installation caused by the contractor’s negligence. Having Diyana onboard as my ID is definitely an added bonus!

Yes, Meridian helped me a lot in understanding the importance of having a user friendly kitchen- locations of pull out drawers and cabinet locations for easy access at the kitchen, how to maintain my high gloss cabinets, sink area, jomeco island wood top polishing service as well as hands on demo for the teka appliances purchased! All of which I never knew or expected from other IDs. So far, any issues I encountered with my kitchen have been promptly attended to. I hope for this after sales service maintains throughout.

I would definitely recommend Meridian to my friends and family mainly for their satisfying service extended pre and after sales service. Definitely a one stop centre that can cater to your every need to make your dream kitchen come true!

One negative perception that potential customers always perceived about Signature Kitchen is their exorbitant pricing. Perhaps, it is best for Meridian to be more proactive in organizing promotion throughout the year with enticing bundled packages which comes with free gifts that would definitely attract more attention from potential customers. That is the only catch as I was one of them, until I realized that such pricing comes with a lifetime satisfaction!

Meridian in one word is Rewarding.