Meng Fai and Khai Ling

We were comfortable in our discussion with Alfred who attended to us in our first meeting in Meridian. We felt he was diligent and dedicated to understand our needs, and had the confident to let Meridian team to handle our home project, let by Alfred.

We feel that the Meridian team triumphs in their dedicated communication with the clients. Although there were some minor hiccups during the project, all issues were attended to efficiently and professionally by Meridian, which we feel is a value which distinguishes the Meridian team from the other contractors whom we have dealt with directly or indirectly before.

As mentioned, we feel the seamless communication with client throughout the process by the Meridian team has made the otherwise stressful renovation process a breeze. Another aspect which we like about Meridian team is their dedication in going for extra miles to solve the other issues which are technically beyond their job scope. Their services are well rounded and have been professionally rendered.

Yes, we will certainly recommend the Meridian team to our friends and family.

We would sum up Meridian as Professional.