Dr. Irene Tan Ai Lian

I was completely assured throughout the renovation period of the quality of the work that was done. Throughout this process I had the peace of mind that the entire project was well taken care of. I did not have to worry if workers showed up or the timeline was adhered to. I just needed to check with Lee Yang if I had any concerns and they were duly addressed. The periodic update with the photos at the initial stage of the renovation was very helpful to me the client because it meant that Meridian was transparent and took care of things with a very client-focused approach.

The recommendations made to purchase certain things like lights and fans were very helpful as well because I saved a lot of time by not having to go figure out things on my own. Also, it tied in with the concept of the design. Meridian helped to create the home that was my heart’s desire and I am thankful to Lee Yang, the designer, who pulled to whole concept together and made sure that the designs showed to me materialized in the end.

The decorating services provided helped to put the final touch to the creation of a home that is very modern, warm and comfortable. For this, I have to say thanks to Fadzli for creating it. I look forward to going back home after the end of a working day.

It was a very worthwhile investment that I made in getting Meridian to design, renovate and decorate my new place because the quality of the work is extremely good and never at any point in time I was worried or concern.

I will definitely recommend Meridian to my family and friends. WHY? Because they know to focus on the client’s needs to help create a home. The staff works around the schedule of the client and takes into serious consideration their needs.
One word, Meridian is Extraordinaire!